I am a photographer based in Dallas who specializes in portraits for models and actors. I work with the top modeling and acting agencies in Texas to bring out the best in their talent. I also really enjoy working with talent still seeking representation. I love to see the opportunities that arise from a fresh image update.


Before I was behind the lens, I spent roughly a decade in front of the camera. My years of experience in the industry as a model have shaped my approach to photography. I believe each talent is unique and their best qualities should shine through in each photo. For actors, that means capturing their range, while keeping in mind the current clients in the market. For models, that means devoting each photo to showcasing their figure and face with expert lighting and posing guidance. I always want to make sure the talent is the center of attention in the photo. While that may sound obvious, it is easy to lose that balance and be upstaged by the wardrobe, hair and makeup, set design, or lighting. My approach is simple but effective, and I work with a team of professionals who share my "talent first" approach.


When I am not behind a camera, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and restoring vintage furniture. I am also a bit of a houseplant addict. I even have a whole instagram dedicated to my growing collection: @_alltheplants_ I live and work in Downtown Dallas with my wife, Heather and toy poodle/studio mascot, Max. You will get to meet them both as Heather is the hair and makeup artist behind all of my work, and Max is pretty sure it is all about him. He will try to get into at least a few of your shots. The classic "laying by feet" is his favorite pose. 

LET'S CONNECT :: 646-301-8963 :: @jasonfitzgeraldphotography

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